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Parcel service

GD Express offers comfortable, fast and reliable postal services between Georgia and the Russian Federation.

The customer of the company has the opportunity to send a parcel from any place of the Russian Federation to any region, district of Georgia, and vice versa from any populated place of Georgia to the desired reg/district of the Russian Federation, on the so-called door-to-door principle.

Postal service fee: $ 2.50

In the case of door-to-door service, the fee is considered individual and depends on different requirements (region, district, etc.). Please visit our office or contact us to confirm prices.

We guarantee safe transportation of your parcel, which is guaranteed by Georgian and Russian insurance companies, with whom we have many years of cooperation.

Your reliable partner

Our goal is to facilitate the integration of Georgia with the world, simplify international trade and transport connections, help companies, including small entrepreneurs, to export and promote Georgian products.

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